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The VAM mountain, also known as the Col du VAM, is located in the town of Wijster, 48 metres above NAP. It is a former landfill site where the province of Drenthe, working with Attero, Afvalzorg, the municipality of Midden-Drenthe and Het Drentse Landschap installed a cycling and mountain biking track, as well as a hiking trail. The cycling track was completed in 2018, followed by the mountain biking track and the hiking trail in 2019.

Roof of Drenthe

Waste processor Attero is now working on the ‘Dak van Drenthe’: an 800 metre long rampart made of bottom ash

and sand, to protect the recreational part of the mountain from the landfill site. Construction of this rampart will be completed in 2020. It is expected that preparations for the construction of a cycling and mountain biking track on Dak van Drenthe will start in 2021. This will make the highest point in Drenthe 63 metres above Normal Amsterdam Level (NAP).

Cycling, mountain biking and hiking on the VAM mountain

The VAM mountain has a cycling track with three climbing routes and a descent, 10 kilometres of challenging mountain biking routes, 2 kilometres of hiking trails and a 4 kilometre trekking route along the bottom. At the top, by the Blinkerd (information centre), there is a view of the beautiful Drenthe landscape.

Cycle racing

For cyclists and sports cyclists, the VAM mountain offers a cycle track with three climbing routes and one descent.

  • Total length 2.1 km
  • Average ascent 10%
  • Keien cobbles with 15% ascent

Mountain biking

Mountain bikers can have fun on and around the VAM mountain on a single long route on the flat section, which is approx. 5.5 kilometres in length, and three climbing routes with a total length of approx. 5 kilometres.

On the flat route, they will come across approx. 300 m of decking path, 60 m of water thread and rock gardens.

The climbing routes offer three Enduro tracks (special descents with rock gardens) with a different levels of difficulty.

Connecting routes for mountain bikers

Connecting routes have been laid from surrounding villages such as Dwingeloo, Beilen and Pesse for mountain bikers, to enable them to cycle from different starting points to the VAM mountain.


Hikers also have their own trail to the top of the VAM mountain. There us one long climbing route which ascends and descends. The total route is approx. 1.7 kilometres. There are also various hiking routes around the VAM mountain which can be identified by their purple posts.

Bike park

A bike park has been installed at the foot of the VAM mountain. This park is open to everyone free of charge, but is mainly intended for children to learn mountain biking skills. In the park, there is a route with a large number of small hills and banked curves. Parallel paths have been installed that include what are known as north shore elements. These are wooden elements on which you can test out and exercise your technical skills, such as balance and steering.


Launched in 2015, the UCI Bike Region Label supports and rewards cities and regions that not only host major UCI cycling events, but also invest in developing a quality cycling network and related infrastructure. Advantages for the city or region are the international recognition of the cycling strategy and it increases the attractiveness as a cycling destination. Do you want to know exactly what those criteria are? Read more on the UCI website.

The province of Drenthe was the first region to receive the UCI Bike Region Label in October 2016. As the leading cycling province in the Netherlands, we are, of course, very proud of this! We earned the label by performing a number of showcases.

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