4 routes across the VAM hill

Dwingeloo – VAM hill
The route is 70 kilometres in total. The start is in Dwingeloo and then you cycle to Ruinen, Echten, Pesse, Wijster, across the VAM mountain to Beilen and then back again to Dwingeloo. Dwingeloo and Ruinen are beautiful villages. Around the village greens, there are all kinds of restaurants and terraces where you can stop for a cup of coffee or a lunch before continuing on your way again!

Rolde – VAM mountain
The Rolde VAM mountain cycling route begins in Rolde, then takes you to Grolloo, Westerbork, across the VAM mountain to Wijster, Beilen, Hooghalen and then back again to Rolde. The route is 74 kilometres in total. When you start the route, you will soon find yourself in Grolloo. This small Angerdorf is known for its C+B museum and the Blues festival, which attracts the biggest names in blues music every year.

Emmen – VAM mountain
This 81-kilometre cycling route begins in Emmen. You then cycle to Noord-Sleen, Aalden, across the Mantingerveld in the direction of the

VAM mountain, via Boswachterij Gees, then back again to Emmen.

The city of Emmen, known of course for WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen, is located on the Hondsrug, a long 70-kilometre sand ridge. It is a unique region in Europe that has an extraordinary history.

Orvelte – VAM mountain
The route is 59 kilometres long and starts in the unique village of Orvelte. You then travel in the direction of Wezup, Aalden, Oosterhesselen, across the VAM mountain to the village of Wijster, to Westerbork and back again to Orvelte. In Orvelte, you can imagine yourselves hundreds of years back in time. There are restaurants and terraces where you can “refuel” before starting the route.



Launched in 2015, the UCI Bike Region Label supports and rewards cities and regions that not only host major UCI cycling events, but also invest in developing a quality cycling network and related infrastructure. Advantages for the city or region are the international recognition of the cycling strategy and it increases the attractiveness as a cycling destination. Do you want to know exactly what those criteria are? Read more on the UCI website.

The province of Drenthe was the first region to receive the UCI Bike Region Label in October 2016. As the leading cycling province in the Netherlands, we are, of course, very proud of this! We earned the label by performing a number of showcases.

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